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Things to do this month


Top Jobs for the Garden for January...


  •  Snow Damage – Snow can be very harmful to shrubs and trees, try to dislodge the snow by knocking the branches with a broom (preferably before it freezes).  The thaw brings more problems, and lawns can show signs of snow mould, you can treat the disease with a lawn fungicide.


  • Clearing the way – You may already see signs of growth from spring flowering bulbs, help them on their way by making sure they are not smothered by weeds and debris.  Will also help to fork over the soil to aerate the soil.


  • January is a good time to prune your Wisteria plant, cutting back summer side-shoots to 2 or 3 buds



Top Jobs for the Garden for February...


Although the weather is absolutely terrible at the moment, there are still signs that Spring is on its way.


  •  Winter flowers - remove any faded flowers from your winter pansies to stop them setting seed, this will encourage a flush of new flowers when the weather warms up.


  • Complete all your winter digging and apply lime if necessary (Lime is calcium rich, meaning that its addition to the soil will lower acidity and help plants to get nutrients found in the earth)


  • Prune fruit trees – well pruned plants produce more flowers and fruit, and sensible pruning helps trees and shrubs ward off pests and diseases, so you'll have to care for them less.



Top Jobs for the Garden for March...


  • Support Border Plants – supports should be put up early before growth really starts so the stems can be trained as they grow.  Adding supports too late in the year is often difficult and can look unattractive.


  •  Plant/Move trees & shrubs if needed, this is usually the time to get this job done however not if the ground is waterlogged which most gardens are right now.  Feed trees, shrubs and hedges with a slow-release fertiliser by lightly forking it into the soil surface.


  • Protect blossom on early flowering fruit trees from frosts by covering them with a lightweight horticultural fleece or fine mesh netting, this should increase your chances of getting a better crop.


Top Jobs for the Garden for April...


  • Plant Evergreens – Evergreen hedges are both decorative and functional, especially when kept neatly trimmed.  They also make good windbreaks, and are valuable in winter when others plants are bare and leafless.


  • Lawns – Lawns may look tired and thin after the stress of the winter, now is a good time to apply lawn fertiliser and weedkiller, this way your lawn should look bright and vibrant ready for summer.


  • Pressure washing - Remove dirt from your paths and paving before summer arrives, use a pressure washer or special patio cleaner.


  • Keep Beds Tidy - Deadhead daffodils and tulips as the flowers finish but leave the foliage intact allowing it to die back naturally.


Top Jobs for the Garden for June...


  • Train & Support Climbing Plants – Climbing plants offer extra dimension and it is important to give them proper support and training. There are a few ways this can be done, by using wooden trellis, using plastic coated wire stretched between vine eyes and climbers can also look attractive when allowed to scramble through branches of other trees & shrubs.


  • Hedge Trimming – Hedge clipping is not the most popular garden chore, but it gives a very satisfying result when it’s done properly, and it’s worth taking a little time and trouble to get it right. Most hedges need trimming twice a year, now and in late summer.


  • Try and prevent your home-grown fruit & vegetables getting ruined by pests & diseases by acting promptly. If you do not want to use chemical pesticides there are more environmentally friendly alternatives available.


Top Jobs for the Garden for November...


  • Tidy Borders – Now is the time to cut down all dead stems and remove dead and dying foliage, as if left they provide a handy overwintering site for a range of garden pests especially slugs and snails, which can cause damage in the spring when they feast on the succulent new shoots.


  • Aerating Turf – This time of year lawns often become moist and compacted on frequently trodden routes.  Try to redirect foot traffic away from worn places and use a garden fork to spike the compacted areas to let air reach the roots of the grass and surface water drain.


  • Protect Ponds – As the frost & freezing weather sets in, its time to protect your pond.  It’s important to keep the water free from decaying vegetation and cover with net if necessary. A ball floating on the surface will delay water freezing as it moves in the wind. You can also stop feeding fish now as they become inactive over the winter months




Top Jobs for the Garden for December...


  • Winter Containers – Your garden can often start to look dull and bleak this time of year so   try to cheer it up by planting some containers of hardy winter plants like pansies and heathers.


  • Remember your feathered friends – Birds are now finding it increasingly difficult to find food, so make sure you keep your bird table topped up.


  • Winter Digging – Incorporate as much organic matter into the ground as possible to help improve the texture and enable soil to drain more freely ready for your spring planting.




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